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Our Divisions

(Katkoot El Wadi, Inmaa Sudan, Hi Tec Company)

The Dawagen sector is the semi-integrated poultry operation division of Wadi Group. It specializes in raising, breeding, hatching and selling broiler parents, commercial broiler and layer day-old chicks (DOCs) with superior performance and high genetic potential. Wadi Group’s 50 years of expertise in the industry, coupled with its free-of-charge, comprehensive after-sales technical and veterinary service, help customers attain the highest return on their investments. The brands under this sector are Katkoot El Wadi, Inmaa in Sudan and Hi-Tec the Group’s specialized veterinary lab


(Wadi Food, Rula Farms)

Mazareh is the agri-business division of Wadi Group. It specializes in land cultivation, food processing and fish farming. Mazareh operates in compliance with international best practices in agri-business in addition to developing and adopting pioneering agricultural and crop husbandry techniques, while adhering to the highest environmental and social sustainability criteria. The brands under this division are currently Rula for Land Reclamation and Wadi Food who both form a fully integrated operation of providing high quality and healthy agro food products to local and international markets.

(Tabreed, A'laf Al Wadi, Haditha)

Sina'at is Wadi Group’s industrial division. This division is a synergetic expansion created to help support Wadi’s core operations in the poultry sector and consequently the agribusiness industry at large. Sina'at manufactures poultry and large animal feed, feed additives and ingredients, cooling cell pads for poultry wards and greenhouses, as well as, grain handling logistics with other related projects under development. Sina'at operations apply top notch production technology with high emphasis on clean energy, environmental and social sustainability. Brands under Sina'at are A’laf Al Wadi, Tabreed, Idafat, Asmida, NSSC and Tawseel. NSSC and Tawseel are the logistics arms of Wadi Group specializing in grain handling logistics via river and ground transport.

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