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Company Overview

Company Overview

Wadi Group enjoys the heritage and expertise of more than half a century in the agribusiness industry throughout the MENA region. Launched in Egypt in 1984 with a small scale poultry operation, today Wadi Group operates in 12 subsidiaries with ten brands over three distinct sectors: Dawagen, Sina'at and Mazareh.

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To be and be recognized as the best Agro-Industry value creator transforming lives in Africa.



We will grow our core businesses to their full potential as well as develop new opportunities, by leveraging our expertise and resources in a way that best serves our stakeholders and the wider communities in which we operate


We are the heartbeat of change and prosperity in our community


Profitable Sales Growth – Improved Productivity Growth – Positive Teamwork


Embrace & Drive Change: We believe, encourage, create, adapt and commit to change with enthusiasm.

Pursue Growth & Learning: We learn, share, develop and utilize our resources and knowledge to prosper together.

Strive for Excellence: We plan, organize and perform with high quality in a timely manner as a measure of our success.

Empowerment: We empower our people by listening, supporting, encouraging and developing to create highly effective teams.

Integrity: We serve our customers, people and community by communicating transparently and building trust in an ethical manner.

Our Stakeholders