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Wadi Group in the media

Wadi Group Short Film with English voice over 

Wadi Group Precautions towards CoronaVirus

Wadi Food Fourth Harvest Festival 30 December 2019 

Anta Tastahek .. Katkoot Al WADI 

Wadi Poultry Academy 5 - Sharing the recent poultry technologies and knowledge with Wadi clients in academic conference meetings for GP breeders and Broiler Breeders.

Wadi Group of companies @ Agrena 2019

Wadi Group of componies short film 2019 

Arabic Narrator 

Wadi International Trading Internal Learning Academy 

Wadi Food Second Egyptian Olive Harvest Festival 2017

Grand Parents one day old chicks landing at Wadi Group TOSHKA Upper Egypt desert

August 2017

Eggs new Grading Machine investment by Wadi Group

September 2018

Wadi Food 3rd Harvest Festival HD December 2018

Tabreed cooling pads educational material in English voice over 

Wadi Tabreed Cooling Cell Pads - Arabic Voice-over

 IFC Reportage on Family Business Governance, WADI Group Example

جولة داخل مزارع وادي فوود، اتفرجوا على الفيديو وعيشوا معانا خطوة بخطوة من أول ما بنقطف المحصول من مزارعنا لحد ما بتشتريه من منافذ البيع

  الجدعان | يشهد حصاد الزيتون المصري الثاني في مزارع وادي فوود

Wadi Food award winning olives symposium 

Investment Oportunities in Olive sector in Egypt

Wadi Large Animal Feed LAF